bob and norton my yamaha ed on the kancamaugus terry mt washington auto road


The 25th Run to the Wall- Pat Rosales, Modesto, CA - 06/15
Pat Rosales, motorcyclist and war veteran, recalls her memorable adventures during the 25th Run to the Wall in 2013

Exhaust Pipes and Sadness - Gavin Liggett, South Africa - 01/13
Gavin Liggett ponders the aesthetics and nuances of a finely tuned motorcycle exhaust as he laments the passing of an old friend.

Vincent Rally in the Rockies, 2012 - RC Herman, Crestone, CO - 01/13
Vincent Motorcycle Rally in the Mountains of Colorado

Utah Report - RC Herman, Crestone, CO - 10/12
Of Mud and Men in Huntington Canyon

Ship of the Desert: the Moto Morini Camel - RC Herman, Crestone,  CO - 07/11

I Saw You Last Night - from Elaine Morris, Dacula, GA - 01/11
Remembering a friend

The Big House - Elaine Morris - 5/10
A visit to the Allman Brothers Band Museum in Macon, Georgia

Road Trip to Texas - Elaine Morris - 5/10
Big Ride to the Big State

Sokhna Trip 2010 - Bikers in Egypt from Facebook - 5/10
Check it out and enjoy the ride!

Tommy Sisson - from Elaine Morris, Dacula, GA - 04/10
Celebrating the life of a friend, his memorial and postscript

First Day of Spring - Elaine Morris, Dacula, GA - 03/10
Flowers, and riders, are out in Georgia

What Happens in Vegas - RC Herman, Crestone, CO 03/10
A trip to the 2010 Motorcycle Auctions

Polar Bear Ride - Elaine Morris, Dacula, GA - 01/10
New Year's Day Ride, 2010

Ducati Lust - RC Herman, Crestone, CO - 10/09
enough said

Norton Transformer - Gavin Liggett, Cape Town, South Africa, 08/09
a link to a short video 

Colorado - RC Herman, Crestone, CO - 08/09
Every picture tells a story don't it in this large format romp through the mountains of Colorado.

Larry “GaDawg” White - Elaine Morris, Dacula, GA - 07/09
Elaine remembers a fallen friend and rider

Ed Mainville - Laudizen King, Los Angeles, CA - 06/09
Remembering a fallen friend 25 years on

Rock-Hard Lesson - RC Herman, Crestone, CO - 05/09
Fatigue and a momentary loss of concentration almost has an ominous ending.

Summer 08 and Spring 09 in Georgia - Elaine Morris, Dacula, GA - 4/09
A beautiful story of time and place, and of a woman in tune with it all.

South Africa 2009 -  RC Herman, Crestone, CO - 3/09
In the depths of a Colorado winter, the noted tour-guide heads south of the equator for some summer riding in South Africa

The Long and Winding Road - Chris Ellison, Manchester, England - 02/09
Romance, Cold, Pain, Salt water, Good food and the White Cliffs of Dover all in one day.

Reconnecting - Ed Asikainen, Stockton Springs, ME - 09/08
An old friend reconnects after thirty-five years

Trooper Johnson - Dr Dookey, Redbush, CO -  06/08
The Good Dr Dookey Meets the Law in Colorado

Sunday Rides - Gavin Liggett, Cape Town, South Africa, 04/08
Sunday Rides in Cape Town, South Africa

The Groenkloof Wilderness - Gavin Liggett, Cape Town, South Africa, 03/08
"The adventure starts when things do wrong"

From Across the Pond - Chris Ellison, Manchester, England - 02/08
A moveable feast

Beginnings- Laudizen King, Los Angeles, CA - 02/08
Remembering my own motorcycle roots

Parts is Parts, Guzzi is Guzzi - RC Herman, Crestone, CO - 01/08
1981 Moto Guzzi CX100, from basket case to Red Rocket

Winter Riding in the Rockies - RC Herman, Crestone, CO - 10/07
Mocked by winter, and by Jack London

October 5, 1980 - Laudizen King, Los Angeles, CA - 9/07
An accident is a complicated story, and the story goes on for years

My First Trail of Tears Ride - Elaine Morris, Dacula, GA - 9/07
Elaine shares her story of participating in the 2007 Trail of Tears Ride

This is My 2 Wheel Story - Elaine Morris, Dacula, GA - 8/07
Elaine is newly retired, has a new granddaughter, a new tattoo, a new bike, and a new appreciation for the riding lifestyle. See a picture of the tattoo and read the story here.

Dave's Last Ride - Dave Jackson, Columbia, CT - 8/07
A trio of stories (seems like yesterday)

Newcomb's Ranch - Laudizen King, Los Angeles, CA - 8/07
In LA it was hotter than stink, but Newcomb's was still Newcomb's

How Things Come to Pass - Laudizen King, Los Angeles, CA - 7/07
Sometimes, we just don't know things are over

Touring in South Africa - RC Herman, Crestone, CO - 7/07
Cry for the beloved country, Denver to Cape Town for a vintage iron romp across the South African landscape.